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Treasure Coins

sld_TreasureCoinNewKempf’s Jewelers is the Florida Space Coast’s leading expert in Sea Salvage treasure coins. A large selection of loose and mounted Spanish treasure coins, from four different shipwrecks dating back to the 1600s, are sold with certification of authenticity. The coins are set in frames that are hand-fabricated by Kempf’s, with each frame conforming to the shape of the individual coin.


The Atocha was one of three ships that perished in a hurricane in the year 1622, southwest of the Florida Keys. It was salvaged by Mel Fisher. Grade 1 silver reales are available in all denominations.






santamariacrabSanta Maria

This smaller galleon was run aground by her captain and set afire after being pursued by pirates. It was lost off the coast of Ecuador in 1681. Dated coins are available in all denominations.

goldescudo1715fleet1715 Fleet

The 1715 Fleet was a group of ten galleons that sank in the year 1715 between St. Lucie Inlet and Indialantic. Silver reales in all denominations, as well as the rare gold escudos, are available.






lacapitanaLa Capitana

This huge ship was lost on October 26, 1654 after a navigational error caused her to strike a reef near Chanduy, Ecuador.